Independent Nurse: Professional – Public speaking – Brush up your presentation skills

Public speaking can be a daunting prospect for many nurses, but basic preparation will help boost the communication skills that many practice and community nurses already possess. Kate Brudenell explains how to make a positive impression.


Making formal presentations may not be a routine part of a practice or community nurse’s job. However, learning to deliver presentations effectively can be useful for those who are keen to work with primary care organisations, promote local initiatives or raise awareness of health promotion projects. Nurses may even wish to present an idea to organisations like the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), to persuade them to provide funding for their initiative.

This article outlines what to consider before making a presentation and offers practical advice to help make your presentation at first-takeuk a success.

Have a strategy

Nurses are often passionate about their subject matter and such visible enthusiasm, displayed during a presentation, can help speakers engage with their audience. However, this can be a double-edged sword. Because nurses are so knowledgeable, they can find it difficult to condense their wealth of knowledge into key messages.

Anne Pearson, practice development facilitator at the QNI, has observed many nurses making presentations and says that this is a common mistake. ‘Nurses often try to convey too much information, in a limited amount of time’, she explains. ‘This can bombard the audience to the point that they switch off from what they are hearing. Nurses need to work to a careful media production london strategy, which will enable them to structure their information and tease out the crucial points they would like to make.’

A presentation strategy should take into account key messages, visual aids and timescale. Once you have selected three key messages to impart to your audience, it is important to decide how best to communicate these, for example whether you are going to support your presentation with visual aids, and how you will go about including them. Determining how much time you have to play with – both in terms of preparing for your presentation, and time allocated to you on the day – is also important.

Handling your audience

Carefully tailoring your presentation to the knowledge and interests of your audience can help iron out any potential problems. However, should you find yourself presenting to an audience who do not really want to be there – such as those who consider their attendance a waste of valuable time or assume they already know everything that you are going to tell them – view the experience as a challenge rather than a disaster.

This positive view is taken by Charmaine Champ, a Chelmsford-based community nurse specialist for children with disabilities, who has grown to relish such opportunities. ‘It can be disheartening when you know you are presenting to a group of people who aren’t really listening to what you have to say,’ she admits. ‘However, now I enjoy the challenge of winning them over and it feels like a real achievement when I’ve managed to overcome their initial disinterest.’

Ms Champ, a QNI Developing Practice Award winner, argues that making presentations interactive is a highly effective way of interesting an audience in your subject matter. She recommends encouraging interaction early on in your presentation, for example starting off with an activity such as a quiz, or throwing a question out for discussion.

This method of engaging with an audience is particularly effective in those drowsy after-lunch slots, which can become some audience members’ opportunity to take a power nap. Ensuring you make eye contact during your talk, speaking clearly – varying intonation – and paying attention to your body language will also help you to retain your listeners’ interest.

Usage Instagram to Boost Your Marketing Strategy and Rating Big

Instagram has actually expanded to own 90 thousand Month-to-month Energetic Individuals, with over 40 thousand photos per day. Exactly how can you take this seemingly straightforward to use application and transform it in to a crucial part of your business’s advertising strategy?

Why Bother?

Do not neglect the energy of Instagram for your campaign. It is an excellent solution for on-the-go company owners who wish to spruce up their advertising as they relocate with the day.

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Exactly how Can You Utilize It?

Review a few ideas on how companies are making use of Instagram to actually acquire sales and improve their brand awareness. You may locate that you have actually put off utilizing this device for too lengthy and you may want to buy instagram followers to your page.

Usage actual photos of your products, right there on your establishment shelves, to get folks speaking. You do not have to worry regarding tracking down a stock image. Obtain a close up of the finished petals on your birthday cake as a baker and they will certainly flock to your company.

2. Obtain real and reveal clients what you are about. One more means to utilize Instagram as an advertising and marketing device is all concerning the behind the curtain. Folks would like to know that you are and just what you are actually doing. They wish to see a genuine person. Social network via this method could function extremely well.

Simply take some pictures of the individuals working in your workplace. Show them where the magic happens behind the bar at the club. Obtain them interested in how you are prepping their recipe with up close photos.

Due to the fact that so many are using this free picture sharing device, you could encourage them to reveal how they are using your firms and products. Host a competition for the ideal images your customers could create with them taking pleasure in a cup perhaps with your logo design.

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One more means to utilize Instagram as a marketing tool is all about the behind-the-scenes. Due to the fact that so numerous are using this free of cost image sharing tool, you could motivate them to show how they are utilizing your products and services.

Instagram is a powerful device however it’s additionally incredibly basic to make use of.

Small Business Online Marketing Companies New York

There is an essential role that contracted out advertising brands serve when New York small companies try with examine the abilities of social media sites providing regard with marketing.

Lots of folks are bonded in order to technology publicly as well as independently, when relaxing in your house and also in business world. One of the primary reasons a bunch of folks find this hard to place down their mobile phones, laptop computers or perhaps tablet tools is social multimedias.

Conversely, finding out exactly how social media can suit the business model from tiny providers still continues to be a disagreement for some. There is actually a high demand for this knowledge. Business go to the first from the customers from social media websites as their advertising and marketing instrument.

Does small company like social multimedias?

Julia Borgini from Business2Community composed, “86 % of business like in order to use social networks in order to associate with their viewers and we receive their posts out generally there.” With grow brand name and also provider mission, small companies often tend with go for the road of making use of material marketing with each other with social networking web sites. That is actually a marketing technique that is actually sharable and artistic.

Goldman Sachs’ latest information on The Huffington Post advised that the activity from posting advertising and marketing subject matter need to be passed on in order to one company in purchase with become regular in promoting the firm’s label.

If there is actually a steady as well as certain message, the provider’s target market will definitely enjoy and value the permanence in the shade. Social making contacts website or blogs like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and also a great deal of other platforms have in fact made companies thankful since this aids all of them determine the activity of their firm’s label as well as missions.

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